Tie in a Lesson of CONFIDENCE from Football.

"Long hot summers, full of wind sprints and burpees."

Ahh, it's time for summer workouts, a to get ready for the next football season. We devote our time, sweat, and bruises to get recognized on the field. I remember playing and living for Friday nights. We would get our pads, jerseys, and cleats on for the game. Some of us would add accessories to our uniforms, maybe a visor to our helmet, some wristbands, or wrap our cleats. We did this to look scarier, more muscular, or so we don't break our own, because you are so fast. 

The saying, "look good, feel good, do good" rings true. But what about the inverse, "You have to feel good, to look good!" You can't feel good, from looking good, unless you feel good first. 

You have to dress for success. "Your mindset is made from your dress-set." Fashion has an integral part in how you do something. You can't get a good workout in a three-piece suit, can you?

Confidence is an invisible, internal battle with yourself, much like our product. It allows you to be sure you are looking your best even if your color decisions aren't recommended to "go together."

Have assurance your tie is helping you look your best.

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