Will your TIE STAY or Stray?

As I was watching the State of the Union Address, I couldn’t help but see points to prove my case. Just like in politics, there are two sides: the Left and the Right. We are all one, the other, or Independent. You can PROUDLY chant, or you can stay quiet. The truth will be told, and the world will continue no matter how bad you think it might be.

Trump was all over the place... his TIE that is. What did you think I was talking about? Trump’s tie is always flopping around. He has helped our country greatly so far. I’d like to secure his tie while he secures our border. I’m PROUD to be an AMERICAN and live in TEXAS.

Our Chief—the leader of our armed forces which is a huge deal for formal presence—can’t keep his tie straight! There’s a reason some ties are called “POWER TIES,” but power needs control. I want to help men keep a classy look without having to worry if their tie or tie clip is straight.

Join Our MOVEMENT for a Tie Clip that is "Function over Fashion!"

The United States of America, a land once governed by men like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and other members that made up our Founding Fathers, as the likes of John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, and Thomas Paine (the writer of Common Sense) created amendments and rights that should be included in the unalienable rights of a citizen of the Country, USA. These rights have been challanged by many, some don't know what that are our mean, but our Bill of Rights gives us freedoms to be able to voices our opinion, the Freedom of Speech, the Freedom of Press, but that doesn't mean it should be forced upon the readers, watchers, or listeners. In the 21st Century with the rise of many social channels it is easy to get news to the word, even if it's Fake News or propaganda to get your agenda passed. We are all in a divided world and America as a country is in muddy waters. We need to not pick side, whether Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Green party or any other, there is a bigger play. Having discussions around controversial or hot button topics is needed but we need to come at it from an understanding manner. If someone said your way of life is silly, your friends are bad people and your family are liars, would you listen. That's is what comes across sometimes. Politics should be about what is best for the people of the area, region, state, and country. Feelings or inclusion should be the basis for a campaign but that of respect, for the humans rights, the rules, procedures, and laws in place. Topics from border patrol, trade wars, healthcare, the education system, supreme court justice, taxes, corporate monopolies or power in general we need to talk about issues. Not looking to include everyone, that can never happen people can't all be pleased, but make an appeal to judged based on equality of opportunity, chance, potential, hard work. The right for pursuit of happiness not temporary appeasement to adhere to all the requests. We are a nation of freedom to allow the chance to have your dreams come true. 


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