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A nice suit and tie, a nice smile--more of a smirk, usually--and a smooth tongue can describe many politicians. But what do they do? 

Many think politics is full of lobbying, bribes, and looking out for themselves, not the people they were elected to serve. Sometimes it's true, however, not everyone has "alternative motives" in negotiations.

One way to look politician is: a person that engages opposing sides to sell their dream of a better country to the masses. The one with the most unrealistic, in application, yet sounds the best has a very good chance of winning, as it seems to be the case, in recent years. They don't keep their promises because it was part of the false native to get in office to get what they wanted. It sounds like a sad truth, but are we quick to judge, without all the facts? Just because you want to be in public office does it mean you are crooked? I think not, many want change and that's why they are in it. Maybe, they might be under qualified, too old, bias, or anything else, but roles can be challenged. This is seen more and more today.

The ways of the past are silly, or we are better than, or smarter, then one of the Founding Fathers because we have hindsight to see certain things they did is wrong, now. We are clouded in comparison and forget what politics are for. They are to help guide society forward, in so, using facts from the past. 

Why do they wear a suit and tie?

They are looking to draw respect with their appearance. When wearing a suit, there is a suite of items to consider: are you matching, proper lengths, patterns, fit, or time of the year. You want people looking at you, not your flopping around, out of place tie. 

"To be respected you must look respectable."


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