How a Tie Stay could help John Wick be more EFFECTIVE.

John Wick is an action-packed story of a retired hitman gaining revenge on the high society underworld who just wouldn’t leave him alone. Let the man live a normal life with his dog!

The world that John Wick lives in is incredibly crafted; full of codes, secrecy, gold, high powered rifles, and heavy-duty style. John Wick cruises, and bruises, from one unfortunate soul to the next while toting an arsenal of weapons, crazy martial arts moves, and some sweet suits. But, with all these resources at his disposal, there was one thing holding him back.

John’s signature is his black suit and tie, but his tie is all over the place! How can you be effective at your job with all the hazards of a loose tie? In every fight scene, his tie dances around with the potential of hindering his punches, getting caught in the door during a car chase, and he could even be strangled by it!

John Wick could’ve been more effective if he’d just gotten a hold of his tie.

Keanu Reeves, most notable know for his role in the Matrix, is one of the most talented actors and all around good person in the world. He starred as Neo, a hacker inside the Simulation looking for answers, fighting in a world full of Machines trying to enclave the humans. As usual, humanity is responsible for the creation of a race of machines that have all but conquered the Earth and enslaved mankind via the Matrix: a virtual reality created to keep human minds alive and complacent whilst the Machines live off of their bioelectric and biothermal energy, essentially turning human beings into organic batteries. As is usually the case for a man versus machine scenario, the events of the Matrix franchise are the product of man's own arrogance and fear since the human brought their own downfall for not trying to peacefully co-exist with the machine. This is a dystopian view of what humans could become with the rapid advancement in technology, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Leaning, this is what the world could become. Humans have something machine done have, morality, empathy, compassion, things that machines couldn't grasp. They are good at taking orders, being consistent, and sometimes predictable. We already depend daily on our phone, computers, the internet, and are cars. What would be do with out them? "In a world over saturated, and drowning in knowledge and access to things we want, we must be careful not to take pleasure of the work to better the world for the next generations. The government is not the answer to everything, look at the social security and medicare programs, we have to bear arms and fight against Big Brother and help free ourselves form the complacency and regularity we have become used to. We will be woken up one day and not understand how we got here.