About CLIPOFF and How it started– CLIP OFF® Suit & Tie Accessories

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We are based out of Austin, Texas. We handcraft most of the parts and support local family and friends helping us make this business a reality. Thanks for your support of our company! 

assembled and shipped form Austin, Texas. America.

         In 2018, Daniel was frustrated one morning with having to re-position his tie clip, so, he started working on a product that would be invisible, functional, and easy to use. The first product, a invisible tie say was made, and CLIPOFF was born. 
          Daniel is an energetic, optimistic, young man looking to make his mark on the world. He enjoys pondering ideas across many fields and industries. He has a closet full of dress shirts and ties, which this product allows him to dress up and teach his generation the importance of suiting up.
"Don't go though life like an untamed tie, flopping from side to side."
CLIPOFF Industries, LLC
P.O. Box 908, Kyle, TX 78640
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