Unique Invisible Tie Stay and Custom Cufflinks



A simply functional approach to a tie clip

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Wear a CLIPOFF Tie Stay

"Be CONFIDENT in your Tie and Appearance!" 

Our clip helps you be Confident and have the Peace of Mind not to worry, or fix, your tie. Whether it's a first date, a wedding, or a Once-In-A-Lifetime celebrity encounter, make sure your tie is always Picture Perfect. It keeps your tie Centered, Secured, and Out of Mind. 

Frustration To Fixation

Style is in the Details

When you are wearing ties on a more regular basis, you may want a way to hold your tie in place, at all times, and prevent it from getting in your way while you eat, work or play. It is made out of stainless steel and industrial-strength magnets. It's the invisible magnetic tie stay.

It's durable, stays in place, and most importantly keeps your tie inline. It's a functional approach to the classic tie clip or tie bar. Our tie clip is also magnetic, to allow easy off-and-on use, and simplicity. It clips on once in the morning and will clip-off when you get home, a truly hands-off and out-of-mind approach to a tie clip.

 " You shouldn't have to worry about your tie. Grab a CLIPOFF Tie Stay and just 'Clip it, and Forget it."