COMPANY MISSION | CLIP OFF® Suit & Tie Accessories



What is Success? Is It just looks? 

CLIPOFF is a brand that makes suit and tie accessories. We use magnets and allow you to break free from the normal path, personal and professionally to stand out and be you. Our products are small additions that add a subtle confidence to you and your look!

Does it matter what you wear? It shouldn't, but it is a big part. We are quick to judge on someone's appearance, making a "snap judgement." 
With our product, we hope to show that it is the inside that counts, the invisible part. Our first product, the Clip-Off Tie Stay, was to capture this point. Together we can help to ask before just assuming about a person. Let's "snap to it" one clip, one confident person, and one gift to another to help dismantle preconceived notions. We need to let go, or clip-off, from thought and worries that your clothes define you
A tie clip can be an item that can get attention, or be a conversation starter. Our products are unique and great to do just that.   

"I hope you enjoy life, clip free!"

"Reinventing Formal Accessories and Formal Perceptions"