What is a CLIPOFF Tie Stay

A CLIPOFF Tie Stay is an invisible magnetic tie stay that incorporates the best from a tie clip, tie bar, tie pin, or tie keeper. It's simply functional, meaning it has all the functionality of traditional tie stays but is behind the scenes, therefore invisible.

It clips on and off with ease. There is no undoing from a button, or unpinning something, you just pull back on the tie and it detaches. With other product, you might loose, break, or even tear your tie, shirt, or button.

It clips, securely, to the tie and shirt to give you peace of mind not having to play "Hide and seek" for the parts, if they came undone. Once the two pieces are in place and lined up, you simply let them snap together. This allows for a tie that stays center out of mind all day.

What is a tie clip? 

A tie clip is a item used to clasp your tie to your shirt. The goal is to keep your tie fastened to you and keep your appearance uniform.

Your tie should be centered, secured and shouldn't be a hassle to keep everything in it's place. Some tie clips have an aesthetic appeal. People like to show off. Tie clips, or tie bars, do not have to just be a plain bar, they can be what ever you want. There are some that are fishing poles, race cars, animals, swords, and more. It's said, "To add personality to your clothing." 

Why use a tie clip? 

The goal for using a tie stay, in general, is to allow for your attire to stay symmetrical, uniform, attached, and inline. The main purpose, simply, is to keep the tie centered and out of the way. 

When to use a tie clip? 

A tie clip, or tie bar, can be used in any occasion. They can be used to enhance your presence, add to your ensemble, or to keep your tie front and centered. You shouldn't have to worry about pulling you tie from over your shoulder, repositioning your tie, or clip / bar. Not to mention, your tie could sway side to side, or forward when you sit down.

You don't want a tie soaked with coffee or when you button your jacket it's to one side or the other. A tie clip keeps your tie at rest, centered, and out of mind to allow you to focus on the event you should be engaged at. 

Don't let your tie get in the way or make a bad first impression. 


From our office in Kyle, Texas, it will be shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service) and will arrive to your 3-5 days from the purchase date (US Shipping Time.) International 7-21 days. It is shipped in a bubble wrap mailer.



Are tie stays and cufflinks are HANDMADE and are Designed and Assembled in the U.S.A. The metal used is sourced from China and Canada. Our shop is just south of Austin, TX. 






Things NOT to do with product:

- When unpacking, gently tear on dotted line by magnet, by step 2, and slide our gently as well. 

- Do not slam magnet against metal or each other. This could damage or chip, maybe break off. Try not to drop. 



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