Jeff's STYLE Transformation. "A Tie, To Be or Not to See?"

     Jeff no longer needs an introduction, anymore that is. If you have watched the news, heard about, or bought from his company, Amazon, you have supported the domination. His company is a bahemoth of buying power and influence. Yet, this was a long road before what you see today--it seems like a few years ago they came out of nowhere. Not to mention, his transformation of the way he dresses.

     Before he became "rich and famous," he grew up--mostly--in Texas. He would spend his time dreaming about space and working in a field of exploration. It had him ecstatic to pursue an education at Princeton, as well as a member of the University's most prestigious groups. He changed his major to computer science to have "no regrets when he is 80," and soon saw potential in starting an online book store. Books built a great foundation for the company, and do society in general--the growth of knowledge of the past. He had timed the company perfect, having to educate people what the Internet was and what it could become. Change starts before others see what you have been working on, worrying about, and hoping it will work. Jeff's long term thinking has helped the company to focus of what is coming rather than what's happening. 

Jeff Bezos, then vs now

     "Dressing up" is something that is seen as showing you "have your life in line." A nice tailored suit shows you have good taste, take care of yourself, and respecting others by dressing up when meeting them. Jeff's style has changed a lot, and I keep seeing this meme. From a nerd--wearing khaki pants and turtle necks; to a fit-jacked figure--wearing well-fitted suits, jeans, and slacks. Even the most well put together make mistake. All the money one can imagine, yet, his tie is all twisted up for a picture.

    "Oh, boy." Only if there was a product that could discreetly keep the tie inline. Wouldn't that be nice? Something that snaps in place and is worry-free throughout the day, keeping the tie centered and secured.