STRANGER THINGS That Happen To Your Tie.

Have you watched the show, Stranger Things? 

It's about conspiracies the Government is experimenting with children in the womb to go give them "superpowers." Wouldn't that be cool?

The show pulls our emotional stings, reminding us back when we were a kid and using our imagination to create our own horror stories. In a small, quiet town where people just wanted to get away from everything. Most show based is towns like this have more drama than the big cities, it seems. Everyone knows everyone and everything, so there's always dirt to uncover. 

In Season 3 near the end, the head investigator steps out of the helicopter into a windy mysterious scene. However, his tie wasn't flopping over he shoulder like you think it would. He had a tie clasp of some sort. It kept his tie down and out of the way, or any need to pull it back down just for it to fly up again. If your a man of power you want to use your time working on the task at hand, not handling your tie. Your tie should be front and center like your attention, worrying if the upside-down bridge is closed, the kids safe and the mind flayer is dead. 

Thanks Netflix for the free awareness for my idea! I heard from a friend, "We had something like that back in the late 80s." Here's proof, a cool invisible way to keep your tie in uniform appearance. However, I want to know why they aren't used today? Is it a government secret?