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"From average to ALPHA with a Snap of a Magnet."

1. It fastens ties securely and invisibly.
2. No damage to your shirts or ties. 
3. Will stay in place all day. 
The CLIPOFF Tie Stay is a simple to use, invisible tie stay. It keeps your tie centered, secured, and out of mind. There's no need to reposition your tie, you just clip in on, once, and your good all day. 


  • Industrial Magnetic clip, slides onto shirt
  • Clip-On Plate, attach to fabric tie holder
  • Universal fit for dress shirts and ties
  • Set up guide

Clip It. Snap. Go!         

Patent Pending 

Our Clipoff Tie Magnet is a tie accessory that helps you to look and feel your best. The tie is an accessory to your shirt and suit, we just want to keep it all looking professional. Even if you don't know how to tie a tie, we work with clip on too. Fashion can be complicated. You have to know the proper length, fits, cuts, and colors of your suits, ties, shirts, pants, shoes, and your accessories. A tie clip, or any restraint, is to keep the tie centered, fastened to you, keeping your tie from swinging and ensuring your look, your suit, is uniform and neat. The point of an accessory in general, whether its a watch, ring, satchel, pin, pocket square, or any other item, is to complement the look of the suit wearer and accent the tie. It's said to "show off your personality", to allow a subtle way to "show off." This is the case for some, others just want their tie to stay still, not have to be checking the mirror to make sure their tie clip and accessories are in there place. Dressing up in dress clothes is a way to show you are someone looking towards but a tie that is not ties right, not in place, or preventing your authority is a hinder to  the message you are trying to send by the way you dress. I love tie clips and made this Clipoff Tie Magnet to have the functionality aspects of a tie clip, tie bar, tie pin tie strap, and clasp to make keeping you tie in your favor as much as possible. If its your job to smile on camera, deliver speeches, save lives, officiate weddings, coach sports or be a dad this product, Clipoff Tie Magnet will help your worry less about your appearance and more on the task at hand.