Extra CLIPOFF Tie Plates
clipoff tie Magnet
the tie plate for the magnet on the pink tie

Extra CLIPOFF Tie Plates

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A 4-pack of extra clip-on plates to put on multiple ties, so you don't have to clip it on each time.

1. It fastens ties securely and invisibly.
2. No damage to your shirts or ties. 
3. Will stay in place all day. 
The Tie Magnet is a simple to use, invisible tie stay. It keeps your tie centered, secured, and out of mind. There's no need to reposition your tie, you just clip in on, once, and your good all day. 


  • 4- Clip-On Plates, attach to fabric tie holder
  • Universal fit for dress shirts and ties
  • Set up guide

Clip It. Snap. Go! 

Patent Pending